Automate your Facebook audience research & creation.

Instigo delivers AI-generated targeting specs created on-the-fly, curated for your exact purposes.

No credit card required


You focus on creating your campaign, we provide the targeting for it.


Provide keywords that are relevant to your desired audience.


Choose from an array of targeting options you deem fit for you.


Change, remove or add any element you need altered in your chosen spec.


Store your curated audience on your Facebook account and use it for your campaigns.

By Machines, For Humans.

Quality audience selection process.

Creating an audience should not be a tedious task. With Instigo, your job just got a tad easier
  • Simplified process for searching
  • Combine specs from multiple audiences
  • Easy-to-use targeting editor
  • Audience saving directly to Facebook
  • Reloading and editing of existing targets

Ready-to-use targeting at your fingertips.

Audiences generated through Instigo are defined by various parameters, providing you with full power of ML & NLP specs

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