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Instigo is your new Swiss Army Knife to create, manage
and optimize your advertising activities across multiple
platforms, all from within one centralized tool

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Make your work

Enjoy an intuitive interface built to give you the freedom to facilitate what you already do in your day-to-day.


Build your own arsenal of creatives, audiences & campaigns for smooth access and instant use whenever you need them


Launch & schedule campaigns, employ the fastest way to multivariate test your ads and utilize the power of smart automation


Visualize the performance of your activities, and make use of powerful reporting & insights tools across all levels, dimensions & breakdowns

Connect platforms you’re already using

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One workspace to rule them all

Create campaigns anywhere, anytime.

No more tabbing and switching. With Instigo, you can plan, draft and create campaigns and ads across multiple platforms from a single view following a unified flow.

Group accounts by workspaces.

Whether you are a solo-advertiser or a digital agency managing multiple clients, with Instigo you can integrate ad accounts based on a project or a customer.

Never lose track of your progress

With Instigo you are always up to date – regardless of the action, the origin channel, or the person who triggered it. All your notifications are received in a unified view, indicating the relevant element.

Solo, Agency or Team?
We’ve got you covered.


Includes $1,000 of Ad Spend

Expressing Yourself
done Easy.

Cross-channel campaign planning and creation

Ad creative planning and templating

Multivariate test on all your ad’s elements

Monitor and optimize efforts across ad-networks

Visualize your campaign performance metrics

Collaborate with team members and customers

Group ad accounts by individual workspaces

Create and manage all your audiences at once

Receive notifications for all taken actions

Stay in the loop.

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