With over 808.4 Million users in 2021, LinkedIn has become the ultimate go-to platform for B2B & B2C marketing, and countless companies looking are for detailed audiences to run campaigns to.

Are you one of the many businesses that have yet to take advantage of LinkedIn ads to appeal to your target audience?

The LinkedIn ad network is unique in comparison to other ad platforms. The web is used by millions of people worldwide, making it the easiest place to post your next ad.

When we talk about advertising on LinkedIn, there is a huge variety of LinkedIn sponsored content ads. LinkedIn provides the facility of various ad formats and banner sizes to advertisers and marketers.

This article is a complete guide for LinkedIn advertising text and banner sizes.

There are many LinkedIn ad formats to choose from, so we’ve set out the specifications for and format below to help you make the best decision.

Getting Started With LinkedIn Ads

Before you start advertising on LinkedIn, you should be aware of the various ad tools available.

The following are some of them:

  • Single Image
  • Message Ad
  • Conversation Ad
  • Carousel Ad
  • Video Ad
  • Text Ad
  • Spotlight Ads (Dynamic Ads)
  • Event Ad

Single Image Ad:

Single image ads are a Sponsored Content ad format. The members in your campaign’s target receive content directly on their feed in the form of an image.


  • 1.91:1 is the recommended ratio (1200 pixels by 627 pixels)
  • The maximum size of an image must be 5MB.
  • JPEG and PNG are the image formats that can be uploaded.
  • For phones, the introductory text should be no more than 150 characters long (desktop max of 600 characters)
  • To stop truncation on mobile devices, the headline should be no more than 70 characters long (200 max characters).
  • Use about 100 characters to prevent being truncated on mobile phones (300 max characters)

Message Ads:

With message ads, there is only one winner. Either you get to sit in your target audience’s inbox or your competitor, and the round of this fight ends after 45 days. So what does that mean? A LinkedIn member can only receive one ad in 45 days, which means if you outbid your competitor, you win because no other advertiser will be able to send any ads to your target audience for 45 days.


  • (Optional) ad name: Use up to 50 characters, including spaces, in your message.
  • The Message Subject should be a maximum of 60 characters (incl. spaces and punctuation)
  • Text of the message should be maximum of 1,500 characters (incl. spaces and punctuation)
  • Copy of CTA button should be a maximum of 20 characters (incl. spaces)
  • 300 x 250 pixels for banner design
  • JPG, GIF (non-animated), or PNG are the most popular file types (no flash)
  • The maximum file size is 40 kilobytes.

Conversion Ads:

The conversation ad format is based on LinkedIn message ad format and was previously known as Sponsered Inmail. By tailoring the content to your prospect, conversion ads help you interact with your potential client in a personalized way. It is intended to assist the clients in quickly accessing the material and deals that are most appealing to them, resulting in increased engagement for you.


  • Maximum of 25 characters for Buttons with CTAs.
  • Maximum of 500 characters in the body text.
  • The maximum number of CTA Buttons enabled is five per message.
  • 300x250px banner graphic (desktop only).

Carousel Ad:

Advertisers use carousel advertising to display several images in a single ad, increasing the chances of conversion. Carousel advertisements on LinkedIn are no different; they help you tell a story with your ads, create brand awareness, and boost your advertising ROI.


  • 10 MB is the maximum file size.
  • 1080×1080 pixels and a 1:1 aspect ratio are recommended.
  • JPG and PNG are among the supported rich media formats (non-animated only)
  • Every photo card’s headline text is limited to two lines before being truncated.
  • URL of the final destination: The destination connection can be up to 2,000 characters long.
  • Ads that direct to a destination URL has a 45-character limit.
  • Ads with a Lead Gen Type CTA are limited to 30 characters.

Video Ads

Creating a video is much more difficult and costly than creating a clear banner for Sponsored Content. As a result, it’s important to get a firm grasp on the types of video and marketing that LinkedIn users consume.


  • Ad name (optional): Give your video a term of up to 255 characters.
  • Introductory text (optional): The intro text will be up to 600 characters long.
  • Video length ranges from three seconds to thirty minutes.
  • File size ranges from 75 KB to 200 MB.
  • MP4 is the only file format you should use.
  • Frames per second: less than 30 fps
  • Only AAC or MPEG4 are appropriate audio formats.
  • The audio size must be less than 64 kHz.
  • Video captions should be in SRT mode.
  • To prevent truncation on most screens, the video headline should be no more than 70 characters long (200 max characters).

Text Ads:

On a laptop, LinkedIn text advertisements can be seen at the top of pages and to the right of the LinkedIn feed. These advertisements are effective at increasing brand recognition and generating interest in a product or service. You’ll most certainly see a rise in leads as a result of these promotions!


  • Sizes Available: 300 pixels by 250 pixels, 17 pixels by 700 pixels, 160 pixels by 600 pixels, 728 pixels by 90 pixels, and 496 pixels by 80 pixels
  • Upload a JPG or PNG file of 2MB or less
  • The size of the image can be 100 x 100 pixels.
  • There is a 25-character cap on the headline (including spaces)
  • Limit of 75 characters for the description (including spaces)

Spotlight Ads (Dynamic Ads):

A LinkedIn spotlight ad is a form of interactive ad that is customized for Linkedin users and leads to a website or landing page. These dynamic ads can have three objectives:

  • Brand Awareness
  • Website Visits
  • Job Applicants


  • Banner Image Size (optional): 300 x 250 pixels Banner File Type (optional): JPG or PNG
  • 2MB (optional) Banner Image File Size
  • 50-characters for ad name (optional)
  •  60 characters for message subject.
  • 1500 characters for the message text
  • 2500 characters for a custom footer
  • 20-character for call-to-action
  • URL of the landing page is needed.
  • http:// or https:// as a URL prefix
  • 1024 characters in the URL for the destination field

Event Ads:

  • The banner image should be 1776 x 444 px.
  • The size of logo must be 400 x 400 px, although it will not be visible in Event listings of yuor profile.
  • The name of the add can be up to 255 charachters (optional)
  • Introductary text should be up to 600 charachters
  • And the last one is LinkedIn event URL, which will be automatically scrapped from the image thumbnail you used in your LinkedIn Event.

Let’s summarize, LinkedIn advertisements are arguably one of the most pin-pointed ways companies can generate leads and raise brand awareness reaching out to their specific audiences. As an advertising tool, the professional digital platform has enough forms of ad advertisements to interact and promote content that allows marketers to attract their target markets quickly and efficiently.
Furthermore, LinkedIn content, when approached correctly, provides numerous ways to target the right audience and expand your brand.
Follow the guidelines mentioned above to create an attractive and winning LinkedIn advertising campaign and generate valuable leads.

Happy Advertising!

Instigo Team