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A Guide to All Social Media Images & Sizes

Creating an image and uploading it to all your social media profiles is simply not enough to get the impact everyone generally seeks; it is often frustrating to readjust your banners to the designated size you need. The purpose of this summary is to give you an overview of the various image sizes across Facebook, […]

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Now It Click’s! Facebook Ad Clicks Breakdown

When someone clicks on your ad, it means that they’re interested in it and eventually drive through the whole purchase funnel. However, Facebook clicks are not as simple, and no two clicks are the same.  Various types of clicks project different actions and are used to monitor ad engagement. Ad clicks mean nothing if they […]

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Impact of “Call-To-Action” on Industries

A call-to-action, or CTA, is something we’ve all heard about or seen on social media and our everyday lives. If you’re reading this, you’ve probably clicked on countless calls-to-action buttons throughout your advertisements. Have you ever created a Netflix, WordPress, or Dropbox account? You probably signed up after seeing a compelling CTA that tempted you […]