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“Instigo Started on its Way to Become an Autonomous Growth Hacking Ad Platform for Digital Marketers”

Many thanks to Joern Menninger from Startuprad.io Podcast  for the great interview and intriguing conversation about marketing & tech entrepreneurship. As the Co-founder of Instigo & Instigo Audiences, I was delighted to hop on one of the most influential and inspiring podcasts in the tech space and share my (our) story. Joe is a visionary […]

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Best Performing Industries to Advertise on Facebook in 2021 & Their Average CPC & CTR.

Many social media platforms and other websites offer advertising services to almost all businesses. But how can one determine which platform is best for a specific industry? And more importantly, which industries should advertise on Facebook? Before looking for the answer, let’s review some of our latest advertising statistics from 2021 (divided by industries) so […]

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Impact of “Call-To-Action” on Industries

A call-to-action, or CTA, is something we’ve all heard about or seen on social media and our everyday lives. If you’re reading this, you’ve probably clicked on countless calls-to-action buttons throughout your advertisements. Have you ever created a Netflix, WordPress, or Dropbox account? You probably signed up after seeing a compelling CTA that tempted you […]